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India, and more largely the Indian subcontinent (or South Asia) is huge and various. It is built from several regions which have each their own cultural specificities and offer and amazing diversity. Some styles are recognized by the Akademi, and have reached the status of classicial dance (bharata natyam, kathak, kathakali...), which grants them a kind of prestige. Other styles, which are as old as them, remained popular and are not considered as classical : the folk dances. They can be danced by a part of the population (professionnal dancers, women, men) or by everybody. Some of them are known all around the world (bhangra, dandiya ras, garbha) while others are still quite confidential. 

Insha and her troup propose quality performances for all kind of occasion.

Insha proposes dance classes and workshops. 

More about Indian dances...

You will find here some information about history of dance in South Asia, the different styles, mythology, music instruments... Discover dance in photos and videos. Enjoy your browsing ! 

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